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X brings a solid portfolio of cannabiz experience to the table with his new venture

Tracking the number of celebrities jumping on the cannabis business bandwagon can be an exhausting — and sometimes eye-rolling — exercise.


But when rapper and actor Xzibit announced the launch of his own “premium” cannabis brand, weed afficionados were pleased to finally see a cannabis collaboration that seem to make a whole lot of sense.

X brings a solid portfolio of cannabiz experience to the table with his new venture, having been heavily involved in multi-million dollar cannabis and vape brand, Brass Knuckles. The Pimp My Ride alum even boasts his own cultivar, dubbed Napalm OG after his seventh album, as well as one of his most popular tracks, and cannabis-infused LOL Taffy.

The new brand will also operate under the NAPALM banner, in partnership with cannabis brand, Just Mary. The brand features products, including vape pens and cartridges, pre-rolls and the pièce de résistance: a massive pre-roll containing seven grams of flower and one gram of live resin rolled up in a resin-infused XXL paper with a glass smoking tip. Called the Lift Ticket X NAPALM Black Orchid Grenade, the over-the-top joint comes packaged in a glass hand grenade.

“It’s been amazing working with this team to build the ‘Napalm’ & ‘Just Mary’ cannabis brands,” Xzibit said in a statement. Citing 14th Round, TouchStone and Greenwood & Company Distribution, “we are committed to excellence and look forward to creating innovative products to share with our cannabis community.”

The products will be available in California starting this month, and the brand hints to dispensaries that make orders that the heavily involved rapper may personally deliver the goods.